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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 10, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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you're watching cnn. thank you so much for being with me on friday. we begin with more roy moore fallout and the circumstances this has created. amidst the harvey weinstein awakening this country, a man nearly 40 years ago could still become the next u.s. senator. republican candidate roy moore will not, refuses to exit alabama senate rate after these
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bombshell allegations detailed in the "washington post." they were made by a woman named lee corpsman. this dates back to 1979 when she was 14 years of age. she says moore touched her through her bra, and under wear, and guided her hand to his under wear. roy moore denies this. sending out multiple tweets in which he seemed to ignore the fact that she is a republican who told the post that she voted for donald trump. shears bit more of what roy moore has tweeted. quoting him, the obama clinton machines liberal media lap dogs just lawn shds the most nasty round of attacks ever against me i've ever faced. that was just one of several, as you can see. meantime the president of the united states is echoing the reaction of a lot of republican lawmakers urging roy moore to drop out of this u.s. senate race. here is u.s. white house sarah
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huckabee sanders who is in asia travel wg the president. >> we cannot allow a mere allegation to destroy a person's wife. however, if these allegations are true, judge moore will do the right thing and step aside. >> you've been talking to members of his family. what are they saying? >> we have. spoke to them yesterday on the afternoon during your show when we talked about that. talked about a member of the family again last night in direct response to the tweets from moore himself. first the tweets, you saw part of it there, he's blaming this on what he is calling a democratic conspiracy, a liberal left conspiracy to discredit him. and so he is saying at this point, look, he's not going to give up the fight, that's a quote, he's not going to step down, saying, quote, i believe you, and i have a duty to stand up and fight back against the
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forces of evil, waging an all out war on our conservative values. our nation is at a cross roads both spiritual. when i spoke last night i said i know you are hearing about the tweets. what's your reaction? >> and he took a deep breath, and then he said the following, he said i've learned in all my years not to get into a shouting match with someone like moore. the corpsman family continuing to stand by the allegations that they made to the "washington post." they are not worried, they say, about any potential fallout in their community or otherwise. but there are others coming to moore's defense, moore's brother spoke to cnn as well saying that he's going to continue to defend his brother to the hilt. that the allegations are not true. and he also compared what's happening to his brother to what happened to jesus christ in terms of what he calls
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persecution. >> how is this playing in alabama? thank you so much. we'll talk about that now. while premt is calling for roy moore to exit the race if these allegations are true, president's chief strategies is defending the alabama state candidate. here is steve bannon. >> but it's interesting, the bezos, amazon, "washington post" that dropped that dime on donald trump is the same bezos, amazon, "washington post" that dropped the dime this afternoon on judge roy moore. now, is that a coincidence? that's what i mean when i say opposition party. right? it's purely part of the apparatus of the democratic party. they don't make any bones about it. >> with me now, investigative reporter by just interviewed the attorney of the accuser.
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and with us cnn political. first, roy moore comes from the gop. we talked about this when this broke yesterday. for all the people though saying there is no way this guy can now win, this alabama senate seat, would they be mistaken? >> yes. they certainly be mistaken to say no way. i don't want to suggest that his path to the senate seat doesn't become more complicated, probably does. but it's hard to imagine that he still not on today's facts without a write incan date coming in with his commitment to stay in the race, it's hard to say he's not likely the u.s. senator from alabama. as you said, let's see how this plays out with some of his core con stit sencys around the state of alabama in the next few days. but, brooke, as you were just noting there, yes, president trump said if true, he should go. that's what a lot of mitch
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mcconnell and a lot of senate republicans said. the question is how are we going to find out if true? >> we may never. >> adjudicated in some way oregon into court. so it is either you believe that these allegations have enough credibility to them through the thorough reporting of the "washington post" and their documents and findings that back up their weeks long investigation that either you then think that that is sufficient enough to say this guy should not be running for senate, or you don't think that's sufficient enough to say that this guy should it be running for senate. but the notion that we are going to have somebody just adjudicate and say, oh, no, this is true and all the republicans need to recalibrate on this seems farfetched to me. >> how is this playing out in alabama? anna, i'm so glad you are on with us today. we went through some of the tweets from roy moore, in part, waging a war on our christian
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values. his brother compared it to jesus christ. quoting him, mary was a teenager and he was adult carpenter, there is nothing immoral or illegal, maybe just a little bit unusual. how is this playing in alabama, anna? >> you know, in alabama it's kind of a mixed bag. there are plenty of people here who do not like moore, but a lot of people skeptical about the allegations. he's been a larger than life force in alabama politics for 30 years. long before bannon or anybody else came along. and so he's done that by creating controversy and talking a lot about family values, faith, military service, which are all things that are very important to people in alabama. and i don't think his supporters at least and other conservatives are willing to throw everything they think they know about him over this one story. >> i'm curious, anna, given this larger than life character, for
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years in the state of alabama, how did democrats play this? do they just give him the constituency in alabama? do they capitalize on this? or is that politically treacherous? >> no, they can probably capitalize on this. the democrat candidate doug jones is probably the most enviable position that a democrat can be in here in alabama. divisive before all this happened. and johnson has had a lot of support i think even from some republicans. so i would probably not let this go out of the new cycle any time soon. >> david, and it won't, because we have a month. david, you know, on the national scale, doesn't this also be really expose the deviceness in this party? >> you've seen mitt romney. you have that. then you have the bannon of the
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world. >> yeah, mitt romney tweet there. innocent until proven guilty. you are right. so the two republican nominees for president, the standard bearers of the party from 2008 and 2012 take one approach, which is this person facing these allegations should not be the republican candidate for senate. that's different from the nominee from 2016 who is the sitting president who is saying these are from a while back and we should see if these are true. and if they are, then he should step down. just a different position. so you are right, brooke,this does expose this divide in the republican party that we've been seeing. you can hear it across the board from how various members of the republican party have been responding. the other thing to note here is even if every republican senator came out right now and said he should be gone, roy moore has provided zero indication that he's going to leave this race. and the alabama state republican party has provided zero indication that they are looking
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to withdraw him as its nominee as the parties's nominee. so even if there was a lot of chess pounding over this, it's unclear whether that would lead roy moore to leave the can daisy. >> so there lies the important question. you have the election weeks away with regard to these allegations, statue of limitations up, there will be no trial. the truth may never be known. what is an alabama voter to do? >> well, you know, they are going to see more on the ballot regardless. even if you pull it out, state law that prevents them from pulling somebody off the ballot this close to the election. so you know they can believe him, they can write in a candidate. they can vote democrat for the first time possibly for a lot of them. >> anna, and david, thank you very much. much more to come on all of this through this show and for the next couple of weeks. coming up next breaking news
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comedian louis c.k. has just responded to allegations. "new york times" broke the story. he says, quote, these stories are true. more on his statement in a moment. >> also, the focus turns to flynns. allegations against flynn and his son and $15 million deal they reportedly had with the turkish government. all part of special counsel robert mueller probe, focusing on president trump's inner circle. you are watching cnn. stay here. my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish
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here's breaking news comedian louis c.k. has just responded to the allegations who say he either masturbated in front of him. and personal name checks all of his accusers. let me read part of this for you. louis c.k. says the stories are true. at the time i said to myself that what i did was okay because i never showed a woman my bleep without asking first. which is also true. but what i later learned in life too late is when you have power over another person asking them to look at your bleep isn't a question. it's a predicament for them. the power i had over these women is they admired me and i wielded that power irresponsibly. he goes on after expressing regret and remorse. he says i've spent my long and lucky career talking and saying
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anything i want. i'll now step back and take a long time to listen. chloe is with us cnn entertainment reporter and media correspondent of host of reliable sources. to me, we have seen a range a policies. and the fact that he name checked these women, that's what struck me, names these women who came out is a step in the right direction. >> and he didn't try to say as harvey weinstein some of it is true, some of it is false. there were a lot of disjointed responses from kevin spacey, harvey weinstein, and other hollywood celebrities in recent weeks. this is different. in a lot of ways refreshing to hear him say this is true. >> i haven't seen apology like this before from a celebrity. after "new york times" releases
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the statement, he says this. then you have harvey weinstein deny deny deny. then kevin spacey saying apology not ha poll guy sorry, not silent. got out in the same statement. goes radio silent. then you are louis c.k. goes onto apologize to family and movie that just got scrapped, i love you daddy, apologized to the cast and crew. detailed po detailed apology. >> isn't it true you would like to think of sincerity in the apology. but let's be real, this is about career, bottom line, he's got a movie, hbo. >> netflix said he was going to be another comedy special, that's been scrapped. hbo taking shows off the on demand service. fx, long relationship with fx. they said they are reviewing the matter. but, yes, they are thinking five, ten years down the road.
11:19 am
and someone like louis c.k. he has high profile pub list helping him write these statements. he goes back to the idea that these women admired him and took advantage of that fact. some people are turned off by the way he says that over and over again in the statement. and at the end he says i'll take a step back. that's indicating right now he's radioactive, but tour point maybe down the road already thinking about a come back. >> and not like he just heard about the allegations yesterday. there has been rumbling for a very long time sexual misconduct by louis c.k. plenty have made reference to these allegations. what i'll say though it does come down to money for these companies. look at netflix and kevin spacey all these companies want to distance themselves. netflix weighed the situation with kevin spacey and came out 48 hours later and said they won't move forward with house of cards. then you look at netflix with
11:20 am
louis c.k. then a few hours they are not moving forward. they don't want to alienate their audiences. >> what was your point about social media and how that has changed the game? >> you can outrage public outrage. and companies can see immediately as opposed to ten years ago stories come out about people. and they can see the reaction. and reaction to louis c.k. allegations was intense. so immediately people are we don't want it to effect shows and brand so we have to cut from them immediately. >> i think that's really interesting as we hear of harassment in capitol hill and alabama against roy moore seems corporate america is reacting more strongly paying more attention to what consumers are saying.
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>> you are totally right. thank you so very much. coming up next the shocking allegation about former trump national security michael flynn and his son. this one involves millions and millions of dollars and a plot involving a muslim cleric living in america. stay here. it's the sleep number semi-annual sale on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? right now our queen c4 mattress is only $1499. plus 36 month financing. ends monday. visit for a store near you.
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welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. president trump fired security adviser michael flynn is now under investigation for this alleged plot for sending a
11:26 am
cleric to turkey in exchange of $15 million. all this reporting coming in from the "wall street journal" his name is in self-imposed exile in pennsylvania as turkish president seeks revenge blaming him from last year failed military coup. so let's go to jessica snyder covering this from washington today. so this is huge report out of the "wall street journal." how does the special investigation, special counsel robert mueller factor in in terms of what he's looking into? >> yeah, mueller's team is working to get details. so offer was allegedly this, that michael flynn and his son would be paid up to $15 million if they could forcibly remove cleric from his home in pennsylvania and then deliver him to the turkish government possibly by private jet.
11:27 am
so the "wall street journal" reports it was laid out in the a meeting in 2016. as background here that muslim cleric has been living in the u.s. since 1999 but turkey president ergogan has accused of masterminding a failed coupe in the summer of 2016 and trying to get him back to turkey to charge him. so mueller team is now investigating this alleged offer. and notably, brooke, it was a deal reportedly proposed at the 21 club in new york city in december 2016. right during the transition. and just a few weeks after michael flynn had accepted the position as national security adviser. so in addition to that meeting, we also know that mueller's team is probing a meeting that michael flynn had a few months prior to that in september 2016 where he met with representatives of the turkish government also alleged discussed getting that cleric back to turkey. now flynn's lawyers have denied
11:28 am
they did and we did hear from flynn's sons lawyers and refusing to report on this as well. >> add it to the list. thank you. coming up next, it was supposed to be a day on the republican an agenda, the big reexclusionary ru reveal against the tax plan. instead against one of their home. against roy moore, and right there in the middle of your screen, in a very awkward 44 seconds of mitch mcconnell. ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my-y way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ philadelphia cream cheese.
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file this next moment when two big news stories collide. just against allegations against roy moore were coming to light, they were talking about tax plan, and quickly changed
11:33 am
course, and awkward 44 seconds in mitch mcconnell leadership. so we couldn't help but break it down for you. >> do you believe that. [ inaudible question ] acquisitions against roy moore? >> senate majority leader goes silent. is he pretending he didn't hear the question. senators chuck grassley and orrin hatch seem to think he did. waiting for a response. nope. this isn't going away. the awkward smiling. a resilient staffer attempts to end the questioning, but to no avail. mcconnell regains his composure willing these questions to stop. grassley tries waving. a laugh of gratitude from mcconnell his eyes a desperate plea for this to win.
11:34 am
then the wave becomes less friendly, dismissive even. steve mnuchin are there as well talking tax cuts but instead two deer caught in the highlights. finally the awkwardness is over. the press leaves empty handed. but with one major takeaway. to be clear here, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell did put out a statement on roy moore one hour before that exchange. and he said, if these allegations are true, he must step aside. what the moment shows is the line of questioning, all these
11:35 am
republicans up on capitol hill can expect to face for the next at least couple of weeks. and how they choose to respond is up for debate. so let's start here. two cnn political commentators and former congressman and former adviser to the trump campaign and sally cohen the host of podcast state of existence. welcome to you. congressman, let me begin with you, your party, those 44 seconds, does that just summarize what life is going to be like for republicans in the days and weeks ahead? >> well, i think that, actually, it shows much discipline in that the majority leader had put out a statement and he did not want to get bathed into any further explanation or any further comments. because no matter what he says, he can be criticized from the right, the left, the middle, and in between. so, frankly, i'm glad to see a republican do that. because so often i think we feel like oh, you have to answer every single question, whether it leads you in a direction that
11:36 am
you want to go to or not. the other way to answer that question was i'm glad you asked that, that's why we are here to talk about the middle class tax cut and lower the corporate tax rate. in media training classes which we've all sat through, you have to be ready for a moment like that. but i'd say that i think mitch mcconnell did a good job because he just sat there and didn't get bathed into it. >> resistance. restraint. sally, what did you see? >> it really shouldn't be hard for any republican, you know, in alabama, at the federal level, on television, to very plainly, clearly, and simply denounce anyone of other party who is running for office, who has a pattern of preying on young girls. this really shouldn't be a hard one. and when you have four well documented examples of showing consistent pattern, it shouldn't
11:37 am
be pardon. >> again, roy moore says these are allegations and it's not true. >> john mccain, a lot of people are coming out saying if they are true, john mccain was clear, he needs to step down. but, look, let's be clear about something else here. which is the republican party already shot itself in the foot by not distancing themselves from donald trump when 11 women made similar, a dumt women at least made allegations against him and he himself bragged about sexually assaulting women. >> sally, i wasn't going to bring up william jefferson clinton. >> i had a feeling you were. >> i wasn't going to go there. i was going to say stay with harvey weinstein and bill cosby, but since you brought it up where were the democrats denouncing him? >> jack, the difference between bill clinton and donald trump is bill clinton was impeached. so we aired that one as a public. and also he was not currently the president. >> impeached for perjury. >> this is fine. i'm fine watching this roy moore
11:38 am
go down. because with condolences to the poor state and women who he has abused and made suffer, we are watching the destruction of the republican party before our very eyes. they are doing themselves systemic damage for generations. and i'm going to be honest i'm here for it. >> don't over climb. let me give you congratulations for tuesday it was a great day. but i also want to point out year-to-date our fundraising of 104 million at rnc and i think you are around 40 million range. >> because you keep giving people tax breaks. >> great rhetoric but not true. september we raised 10 million you all raised three or four million. question is from here on, are we going to deliver on the middle class tax cut? and are we going to have good trade policies? are we going to continue to have a strong card that we play overseas in terms of restoring our stature? and the president will continue
11:39 am
to negotiate with north korea sec s successfully. >> but a lot of that has been in the last 24 hours maybe over shadowed by this story that is looming out of alabama. truth or not, and by the way we may never know, and in the end it's up to the alabama voter to vote with their heart and their head and figure that one out. but in terms of the republican party, i mean, you know, you did have a tough night on tuesday. it is already a fractured party. how do you get your divided party back together and move forward ahead of the midterms, jack? >> well, on wednesday night i had kind of a catch up reunion dinner with many so of my friends that included two full committee chairman and two cardinals from the prop ration member a and two members of the freedom kau k's acaucus and mor rate branch of the party. and they are more focused we are going to react to tuesday, we won't panic, but we better
11:40 am
deliver on our campaign promises from jobs ks which they are doing a great job with, and less regulation. peace through strength. and yet they do have to get this tax cut done. i don't know that they may come back on health care. you have have other issues out there in the appropriations process which they need to finish up by christmas. so i think that they are going to it be a little bit more disciplined. but also they need to rebuild their relationship with the white house. it's not in anybody's interest except for sally's to be sniep in public, whether it's by twitter, we do need to unify with a party and we can't do it without northeastern moderates and southern conservatives and western libertarians. >> and sally knows, let's also being tough on democrats, yes it was a great night on tuesday for democrats. when you saw the poll numbers coming out earlier on tuesday afternoon, this is also key going into the midterms, those favorable numbers for the democrat party were a mess.
11:41 am
>> look, we are a deeply divided bipartisan country. and i hope that upsets jack as much as it upsets me. the reality is, look, voters are now going to face this republican party going forward and they are looking for two things. look, on the one hand you always were the party supposedly of moral values and social conservative values. that's what roy moore stood for. literally. and now it turns out he's morally bankrupt. so you are losing ground there. obviously donald trump no great batcheon of moral leadership either. on the other front, let's be clear, i don't agree with what republicans have been elected to do. but they haven't delivered. they haven't repealed obamacare or trade policy. and that tax plan is really a giant giveaway to the super rich, including keeping the biggest tax break for the super rich that trump promised heed get rid of. he promised he would get rid of in the election. so when voters are looking at
11:42 am
this party they are not getting anything. >> okay. maybe some republicans, they have some, as we would say in this, come to jesus ahead, right. but also democrats, democrats do as well. we'll leave it. we have to leave it there. sally and jack, thank you so very much. looking ahead here for both parties. >> nice to see you both. >> here's a quote, tell your story. let us never be silenced. those are the words of long distan distance swimming champion diane nyad in a "new york times" sharing her story of sexual assault. she will join me live coming up next. please do not miss this.
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11:47 am
legendary, distance swimming champion diane nyad first person to swim from cuba to florida. she penned a powerful op sed "new york times" in the describing terrible accounts in 1964 abuser was former and now deceased swim coach. so in one excerpt let me read for you what diane nyad writes. she says he yanked my suit down. he grabbed and hyperventilated and moaned. he pleaded with me to open my legs, but they were pressed hard together. if breathe gives us force, that day i could feel the strength in my body from the polar opposite, from not breathing.
11:48 am
diana nyad joins me now, she is the author of "find the way one one woman's pursuit of life long dream. thank you for coming back and your bravery and courage. good to see you. >> thanks for opening up the conversation with the other sectors in society in the last couple weeks. >> you are an elite swimmer, conqueror of mount kill man jar a, quite frankly, a bad as, and to read your story is telling for a lot of americans. >> and it's one reason i take pride in being one of the tellers of the story. brooke, if i stand in front of a group, let's say as a public moment of 2,000 people from a corporation, i like to think that i'm weaving an arkans of a story of inspiration never give up on your dreams. but if you went to hear a life
11:49 am
story i don't compare myself to people who have truly suffered, you know, egregious times, but this was my cross to bear, being sexually abused as a kid, and it wasn't just that first time you read about at age 14, but all through the high school years, humiliated, degraded. it has stayed with me. as you just said i'm a bad as, and i am, i walk around the world like this is my planet, i own the place. >> good for you. >> but there is a little hurt corner of that soul, the rage and the humiliation and the shame never go away. trust me, they don't. >> why now share your story? >> for me it's not about why now. i started speaking up and went into the principal office age 21 after i graduated told the story. that coach was fired from that school. he went as the epidemic goes up the coast, got another job,
11:50 am
molested at the next job, went up the coast and got another job. >> unreal. >> it's the way it goes. but for me i've been telling this story all along. but now that we have the me to movement. i want to be in the middle of it and take the first step and be one of the leaders who says it's embarrassing. when you have to tell these stories to the police you have to start talking about where was the penis exactly. was it erect or 18 inches away? most people are mortified to have to come up with these terms. and they feel it was all their fault. it's just a twisted deal the whole way around. so it's not like why did i come up now, but the movement is happening, and i want to be a leader within the movement. >> so, again, good for you. and the movement is happening. we are in the middle of the movement. we keep hearing all these stories, i should answer not just from women but menass well, and ali the gold medalist
11:51 am
talking about her abuse with the team physician. but my question to you is we have all of these voices coming out of the either and sharing. what then? >> well, isn't that the key question. so i suppose if you and i were to sit down and interview a bunch of doctors in the world of epidemics of in fetfectious diseases. they have to identify where is it, what sort of populations does this exist in. well, that's what we are beginning to do now. we are beginning to archive how deep is this epidemic and we are learning it's not just a few people in hollywood, it's not just a couple of coaches, gymnastics and swimming coaches, it's in every suburban neighborhood. sexual abuse is in every urban center. once we start identifying and the voices come up, we'll change how we go about things. a 28 year old young actress will not listen to producer anymore, why don't you come up to my hotel room, i want to help you with your career, she will say
11:52 am
why don't we meet at our agencies office. i'd love to talk to you. it's just we are going to stop the pat serns of behavior as soon as we can identify who is doing all this. and by the way, brooke, if i do speak to 2,000 people, and afterwards let's just say randomly 200 of them out of 2,000 come up to me and say, diana, the same thing happened to me. it was my coach. it was my priest. it was my stepfather. well, when i'm looking out of those 2,000, how many of them are the perpetrators? don't they have to be in that crowd? they do. so next is going to be identify the perpetrators and maybe, i can't believe i'm saying this, but maybe find some, i won't say sympathy, but find some analysis of why they do this stuff. what happened to them as children? maybe. >> you are so right. that is all part of this national conversation. and the way you in your piece tell your story, never let us be silenced. thank you. >> thank you, brooke.
11:53 am
appreciate it. >> you got t coming up next on cnn melania trump speaking to cnn what she told kate bennett during the president's high stakes trip to asia. also the fallout continues to grow as roy moore fights back against allegations of sexual misconduct. we are live in alabama next. t-mobile family plans now come with netflix included. that's huge. that's right. t-mobile's got your netflix subscription covered... ...when you get a family plan with two or more lines. really? that's incredible. so go ahead and watch however you want. you're messing with me, right? all at no extra charge. this is awesome!
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ask a modern day celebrity chef to name america's first rock star of the restaurants scene, and i might say bourdain.
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i recently caught up to pull back the curtain on this iconic. >> jeremiah was probably one of the first practitioners of proud american cooking in the late 20th century. >> he was the first celebrity chef in america. >> the year was 1972. the place, shay panist, a tiny restaurant in berkeley, california. a young harvard graduate by the name of jeremiah tower walked in looking for a job as achieve. >> what was it about jeremiah tower cooking back in the 70s that made him, made his dishes so totally stand out? >> geremy ha was one of the first to start proudly attributing ingredients to regions of america. these were proud american men uses written in english. source ingredients attributing them to american producers with american wines.
11:59 am
>> it became a critically a claimed restaurant m america in just a short time. tower left and went on to create what many call his master piece. stars in san francisco. >> i would say stars was single most influential restaurant in my entire life. >> stars broke the mold on what a restaurant could be. tower described it as elegant simplicity. >> he also changed the very way that most dining rooms look nowadays with an open kitchen and chaotic mix of celebrities. >> jeremiah not only played the role of chef but ring master as well. usually with a glass of champagne in hand. >> he was a rock star in that people would bow to him when he came in. jeremiah came on the scene and everyone was aware that jeremiah was like the mick jagger of the restaurant scene. >> those who know him say tower is the complete package, blending passion for food unlike
12:00 pm
any other chef in america before him. >> celebrity chefs doesn't mean anything unless you change something. jeremiah changed the way we looked alt food. >> his run at stars ended abruptly. tower published from the public eye foreclose to 15 years, moving to mexico, until a tweet from "the new york times." tower's time at new york's fabled institution was short lived. after five months he left. >> legacy is that that of perhaps the single most influential american born chef of our time. of all time. >> this is the story of america's first celebrity chef. anthony bourdain says the last m magnificent. please tune in right here sunday night 9:00 p.m. on cnn. and we


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